Nurture & Clarity® / Nurture & Clarity-H® is to be administered 3 times daily.
The dosage indicated below is the total daily dosage, and is determined by the patient’s weight:

In lbs:

Up to 44 lb – 6 cc (= 2cc x 3)
44-55 lb – 7.5 cc (= 2.5 cc x 3)
56-66 lb – 9 cc (= 3 cc x 3)
67-77 lb – 10.5 cc (= 3.5 cc x 3)
78-88 lb – 12 cc (= 4 cc x 3)
89-132 lb – 13.5 cc (= 4.5 cc x 3)
133+ lb – 15 cc (= 5 cc x 3)

In kgs:

Up to 20 kg – 6 cc (= 2cc x 3)
20-25 kg – 7.5 cc (= 2.5 cc x 3)
25-30 kg – 9 cc (= 3 cc x 3)
30-35 kg – 10.5 cc (= 3.5 cc x 3)
35-40 kg – 12 cc (= 4 cc x 3)
40-60 kg – 13.5 cc (= 4.5 cc x 3)
60+ kg – 15 cc (= 5 cc x 3)

For example, a patient weighing up to 44 lb / 20 kgs will take 2 cc, 3 times a day
(a total of 6 cc).


  1. Shake the bottle before measuring out the Nurture & Clarity®/ Nurture & Clarity-H®.
  2. Dilute the formula:
    • Measure out the dosage into a small cup.
    • Pour approximately 2 tablespoons of boiling water into the cup to evaporate the alcohol, which serves as a solvent in Nurture & Clarity®/ Nurture & Clarity-H®. Let cool to room temperature.
    • Add about 1/8 cup of water or natural fruit juice or root beer. The total quantity of the liquid should ideally be a quantity that can be drunk in one gulp.
    • You may prepare the total dosage for the following day in advance, on the previous evening. In this case, we recommend keeping the diluted formula refrigerated – although it will not spoil and will retain its beneficial properties even if not refrigerated.
    • The noon/early afternoon dose may be added to a child’s lunch box.
    • In cases where parents or children prefer not taking the mid-day dose at school – this dose can be administered when the child returns home, and the third dose – before dinner (provided a minimum of 4 hours have passed since the second dose of the day; preferably 5 hours), or at bedtime. It is recommended to take the formula 10 minutes before a meal (or as long a time after one as possible) in order to enhance its absorption.
  3. Start gradually:
    • On the first day – one dose only.
    • On the second day – two doses only.
    • On the third day and onwards – three doses daily.
  4. If on the first days the child exhibits any side effects or allergic reactions (no such cases reported thus far), stop administering the formula, and contact us.
  5. If the child is sick (flu, etc.) discontinue treatment with Nurture & Clarity®/ Nurture & Clarity-H® until he/she is well again.
  6. It is important to ensure the child takes Nurture & Clarity®/ Nurture & Clarity-H® continuously, three times daily.

Based on the Tree of Healing LD’s experience in treating hundreds of patients, the treatment period is usually 2 to 2.5 years long. In cases where a certain decline in the patient’s functioning level is detected following the cessation of the treatment, we recommend taking the formula for an additional short period of time, in order to attain maximal effectiveness, and then discontinue its use permanently. The treatment period and the time at which it can be discontinued is based on each individual’s state, and is a function of the degree of improvement in each case.

In the case of individuals being treated with Ritalin® or Concerta® – they may continue taking their prescribed medication while taking Nurture & Clarity® / Nurture & Clarity-H® as well. Once the beneficial effects of treatment with Nurture & Clarity® become evident, the dosage of the prescribed medication may be reduced, or it may even be discontinued – in consultation with the treating physician.

Nurture & Clarity® is composed of medicinal plants that nourish the brain. No counter-indications or negative side effects have been reported.

Treatment with Nurture & Clarity® formulas does not inconvenience even the busiest individuals, nor does it restrict their lifestyle.

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