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A Natural Treatment for ADD

Nurture & Clarity®  is a formula composed of medicinal plants that nourishes the brain, does not interfere with any medication, and does not cause any negative side effects - neither when taken alone nor in combination with medication. It has been clinically proven to increase attention span , calm impulsive response, and enhance concentration.  Unlike popular medications for ADD that simply offer temporary, artificial simulation,  Nurture & Clarity® feeds and normalizes the brain cells. The effectiveness of the formula has been validated in a scientific clinical trial.

Trial Registration: Current Controlled Trials ISRCTN10628149.

In this trial, 120 children between the age of 6 to 12 years, who had been diagnosed as suffering from ADD or ADHD, and who had not been previously treated with any medication, were divided into 3 groups. The first was a group of 40 children suffering from ADD; the second was a separate group of 40 children suffering from ADHD; while the third group, comprising the remaining 40 children who had also been diagnosed with either one of these disorders, served as a control group. All the participants underwent a range of tests (TOVA tests, Connors questionnaires and Achenbach questionnaires for parents) for the purpose of evaluating their condition, as well as a clinical interview by a pediatric psychiatrist, conducted according to DSM-IV criteria.

 During the 4-month treatment period, the children in the first group received one teaspoon (5 cc) of Nurture & Clarity® medicinal plant formula and those in the second group received the same quantity of Nurture & Clarity-H® formula - diluted in a quarter cup of water. The formula was taken 3 times a day, shortly before mealtime. The children in the control group received a placebo formula, which was similar in color and taste to the Nurture & Clarity® formulas even though it did not contain medicinal plants.

 At the end of the 4-month trial period, all the participants underwent the same tests again, the questionnaires were filled out by their parents, and the children were interviewed by a pediatric psychiatrist, in order to evaluate the effect of the treatment with Nurture & Clarity® and Nurture & Clarity-H® formulas. Based on scientific criteria, the results verified that significant improvement was evident in four different attention-related parameters among the children in the first two groups, while those in the third group (the patients who received the placebo) did not demonstrate any noteworthy improvement. It is important to emphasize that no negative side effects were reported among the participants


Significant Improvement In A Relatively Short Time. In most cases, functional improvements is apparent within 4 to 8 weeks from the beginning of treatment. In a small number of cases, improvement is seen within 10 days; but there are instances when beneficial results are experienced within 3 months. This data is backed by a scientific clinical trial conducted at the Pediatric ADHD and Adaptation Clinic of the Sheba Medical Center in Israel, under the supervision of the head of the clinic, Dr. Miri Katz.

No Negative Side Effects. Treatment with the Nurture & Clarity® and Nurture & Clarity-H® formulas is not accompanied by any negative side effects whatsoever, in contrast to the known side effects that occur in some patients taking prescription drugs. It's know that the stimulants often given to treat AFF or ADHD can suppress the appetite, induce apathy and, at times, even cause tics, which make concentration and social integration even more difficult.

Permanent Benefits. Appetite suppression depletes essential nutrients required by the brain - condition that exists in many children suffering from ADD and ADHD, and consequently worsens their state. In contrast to currently prescribed drugs, Nurture & Clarity® formulas help provide these missing nutrients so the brain can function and develop properly and a state of systemic balance can be permanently established.

Concurrent Improvement in Additional Parameters. Many parents have reported a marked improvement in their children's self esteem, emotional state, and quality of social interactions as a result of treatment with Nurture & Clarity® and Nurture & Clarity-H® formulas. The improvement in these parameters is often apparent even before positive results in attention span and concentration become evident.

Treatment with Nurture & Clarity® Formulas Does Not Conflict with Prescribed Medication. Treatment can begin while the child, youth, or adult continues to take prescribed medication, and the dosage of the medication can be reduced or discontinued entirely in consultation with the treating physician. Combining Nurture & Clarity® with various types of medication does not cause any negative side effects, does not reduce the efficacy of Nurture & Clarity® - nor does Nurture & Clarity® reduce the effect of medication taken concurrently.

Treatment  Period. On the basis of experience accumulated over the years in treating hundreds of children, adolescents and adults, treatment with Nurture & Clarity® and Nurture & Clarity-H® formulas can usually be discontinued after a 2 year treatment period, with no adverse effects on the patient's functional level. If there is any decline when discontinuing treatment, we recommend continuing treatment with the formula for an additional short period of time, and then discontinuing its use permanently. The treatment period and the time at which it can be discontinued is based on each individual's state, and is a function of the degree of improvement in each case.


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