Nurture & Clarity-D®


Nurture & Clarity-D® is a formula for diabetics who have been diagnosed as ADHD. It's the right formula for you or for your child if:

  • You are diabetic and looking for an effective and natural solution to memory loss or poor concentration
  • You suffer from fatigue and difficulty concentrating after hypoglycemic events
  • Your child is coping with insulin treatments and was diagnosed as ADHD so you are looking for a natural way to ease the situation with minimum balance disorder
  • You are a type 2 diabetic and taking insulin or drugs to lower blood sugar, or if you are treating your diabetic condition through your diet and want to improve the quality of your life

Stimulants usually prescribed to treat ADD or ADHD can exhaust the ATP reserves and eventually weaken neuronal production. That's why we developed Nurture & Clarity-D® - a meticulously balanced herbal formula that supplies nutrients essential to the functioning of the brain and to its proper development.

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