Treating ADD and ADHD with Nurture & Clarity® and Nurture & Clarity-H® formulas has many advantages:

Significant improvement is observable within a relatively short time. In most cases, a significant functional improvement is apparent within 4 to 8 weeks from the beginning of treatment. In some cases improvement is seen within 10 days; while in a few cases, positive results were noted within 3 months. This data is backed by a scientific clinical trial  conducted at the Pediatric ADHD and Adaptation Clinic of the Sheba Medical Center in Israel, under the close supervision of the head of the clinic, Dr. Miri Katz.

There are no negative side effects. Treatment with Nurture & Clarity® and Nurture & Clarity-H® formulas is not accompanied by any negative side effects whatsoever, in contrast to the known side effects that occur in some patients taking currently prescribed medication for ADD or ADHD. Side effects of these drugs include appetite suppression, apathy, and nervous tics. Ironically, these and other side effects of popular medications can make concentration even more difficult, and social difficulties may get worse as a result.

The brain is restored to better function through nutrition. Appetite suppression depletes essential nutrients required by the brain - a condition that exists in many ADD and ADHD patients - and consequently their state may get worse. Nurture & Clarity® formulas, on the other hand, provide valuable nutrients essential for the brain to properly develop and function. Our clinically tested formulas create a state of systemic balance for an extended period of time, and can effectively diminish the negative side effects of other medications.

Concurrent improvement in additional parameters. Many parents have reported a marked improvement in their children's self esteem, emotional state, and quality of social interactions as a result of treatment with Nurture & Clarity® and Nurture & Clarity-H® formulas. The improvement in these parameters is often apparent even before the positive effects of the formulas on attention span and concentration become evident.

Treatment does not conflict with prescribed medication. Treatment with Nurture & Clarity® and Nurture & Clarity-H® formulas can begin while the child, youth, or adult continues to take prescribed medication. After a few weeks, when the benefits of Nurture & Clarity® or Nurture & Clarity-H® become apparent, the dosage of the medication can be reduced or discontinued entirely in consultation with the treating physician. Combining a Nurture & Clarity® formula with other types of medication does hamper the formula's effect, will not cause any negative side effects, and will not reduce the effect of medication taken concurrently.

Lifelong Benefits. On the basis of experience accumulated over the years in treating hundreds of children, adolescents and adults, treatment with Nurture & Clarity® and Nurture & Clarity-H® formulas can usually be discontinued after a 2 to 2.5 year treatment period, with no adverse effects on the patient's functional level. In cases where there is a slight decline, we recommend continuing treatment with the formula for an additional short period of time, after which it can be discontinued permanently. The treatment period and the time at which it can be discontinued is based on each individual's state, and is a function of the degree of improvement in each case.

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