Natural Treatment for ADD/ADHD

Brain cells actually operate on electricity. Thoughts are transferred between our brain cells by electrical current. Long chains of brain cells are “switched on” to produce a complete thought or memory. If this “chain reaction” of the bio-electric current is disrupted, the result is that memory, thought and concentration are damaged or destroyed.

Current research has made it clear beyond any doubt that bio-chemical imbalance is caused by deficient nourishment of the brain. If the brain does not receive the sustenance it needs, the functioning of the adrenal gland - responsible for secreting hormones and playing a central role in the thought process - is impaired. The result is a reduction in the energy level, which leads to various types of difficulties, a dejected mood, and even a weakened immunization system.

Nurture & Clarity® formulas provide the optimal response by supplying the building blocks that are essential to the nourishment of the brain and to its proper development and functioning.

Nurture & Clarity® and Nurture & Clarity-H® are composed of a carefully selected combination of medicinal plants at specific quantities and concentrations clinically determined to be the most effective for the treatment of ADD and ADHD.

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