Our Team

Hadassa Kol-Degani - Lic. Ac. Dip T.C.M. Hbs

Licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Co-founder of Tree of Healing-LD

"I first became aware of the possibility of treating ADD and ADHD using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) when my daughter, at the age of 6, was diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed Ritalin®. As the treatment progressed, I watched the light in her eyes fade and she became withdrawn. She also suffered from low self esteem and did not have any friends. But as soon as the effect of the medication dissipated, she became restless and agitated, so we couldn't stop the treatment. After about a year of trying Ritalin®, I began looking for an alternative solution.

"During my quest to help my daughter, I met a TCM practitioner who later became my mentor. She prepared a formula composed of medicinal plants for my daughter and within several weeks the positive results were undeniable. The dosage of Ritalin® my daughter was taking was gradually reduced as her achievements improved. Friends starting coming over to play with her as she became calm, self confident, focused, popular, and  - most importantly - happy.

"What especially attracts me to Chinese Medicine is the optimism that flows through it. Nothing is hopeless, no illness is final or fatal. At the basis of Chinese Medicine there is a conviction that there is always room for miracles.

"In my experience at the clinic, miracles happen every day as people of every age who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress are gradually weaned away from psychiatric medication and return to a healthy way of life - naturally."

My Educational Background

After completing 4 years of study at the Reidman College of Complementary Medicine, I was licensed to practice herbal medicine and acupuncture. Following my internship at a major rehabilitation center, I completed a specialized study program in medicinal botany with a bio-chemist who taught me to make tinctures of Chinese, Indian,and Western herbs.

Then, as a student of Julian Scott, an internationally renowned specialist in treating children using TCM methods, I received further training. I completed a study program in botany and medicinal plants at the Herbal College of Medicine in England, including neurological applications of TCM, a course in London for Blood Stasis with Will Mclean and David Legge, and a number of course at the East-West School of Chinese Medicine.

Gideon Stein– M.D.

CEO of Tree of Healing–LD

Dr. Gideon Stein, M.D., joined Tree of Healing-LD in 2007 and currently serves as its CEO. With more than 15 years of experience in the development, clinical evaluation, and commercialization of medications, medical devices, and pharmaceutical products, Dr. Stein also has a Master’s Degree in Health Administration and an M.B.A. from Tel-Aviv University.

Einav Dahan 

Director of the Diabetes Research at Tree of Healing-LD

Ms. Dahan has worked for five years with diabetic patients of all ages. In her informative and highly popular workshops, she guides previously and newly diagnosed diabetic cases and their families through the complexities of treatment. As a diabetic herself who has benefited from Tree of Healing treatments, she lectures to medical personnel in hospitals and diabetic clinics on alternative medicine's solutions for some of the many challenges of this illness, and is the author of a children's book about diabetes.

Liora Tanury Kav-Venaki  - Lic. Ac. Dip T.C.M. Hbs

Licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Co-founder of Tree of Healing-LD

Co-developer of Nurture & Clarity® and Nurture & Clarity-H® and our dear friend and colleague, Mrs. Kav-Venaki was a well-trained and gifted healer. She passed away in 2009, but her memory will be cherished forever as her spirit lives on through the clinic's continuation of her work and vision.

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